Interior & Exterior Electric

Interior Electric

Whether you have a home that needs electrical work or you are building a brand new home, you will need to choose a residential interior electrician. When you choose Bianco electric, you will find that we can take care of all sorts of electrical work within your home. A residential interior electrician is trained and certified to do electrical work in your home, whether it is something minor, like repairing a wall outlet, or something much larger, like rewiring the total home.

Just what can a residential interior electrician do for your home? Here are a few of the types of services that the right professional will be able to provide:

  • Repair to electrical wall outlets or switches
  • Installation of new wall outlets or light switches
  • Wiring for various appliances such as ovens, washing machines and dryers, and refrigerators
  • Wiring a garage to turn it into a room
  • Wiring for central air conditioning units
  • Rewiring to replace poor electrical or old electrical
  • Completely wiring a new home

Exterior Electric

Whenever you have electrical problems on the exterior of your house, in then you will want to choose the right residential exterior electrician in Nassau County. You may think that just any electrician can do the same work, but this is not necessarily true. The electrical systems on the exterior of your home differ from those on the inside of your home. Because of this, it would be wise to choose Bianco Electric. Bianco Electric has specific experience and training to work on the exterior electrical work of your home.

Just what can a residential exterior electrician do for you and your home? There are numerous different services that the professional will be able to perform, including the following:

  • Servicing the wiring on outdoor lighting such as porch lights and safety lights
  • Installation of yard lighting, such as garden lights and walkway lights
  • Installation of motion sensor lights or dusk till dawn security lights
  • Installation of various electrical elements in the yard or garden such as water features
  • Repair of outdoor outlets located on the exterior of the home
  • Installation and wiring of new outdoor power outlets
  • Complete wiring of exterior electric for newly built homes